Man Has A Tearful Reunion With His Stolen Dog Days Before Euthanized

He said that day. The Titan-Pitbull disappearance was the worst day of his life and he has cried many nights since.

Although Gerhardt couldn’t find Titan, he never lost hope of seeing his furry best friend again one day. A year has passed, but Gerhardt still hasn’t stopped searching for Titan.

He posted a picture of him on Facebook, hoping someone could help find him.

That’s when a volunteer at the shelter saw the photo and thought the bulldog in her shelter looked like a Titan.

The dog in the shelter, who they named Hank, was old and had a socialization class, but they couldn’t get him to behave the way they wanted. He is scheduled to be euthanized within two days.

Gearhart immediately heads to the shelter and soon discovers that “Hank” is actually a Titan! Their heartwarming reunion was caught on camera, and Titan instantly recognized his human.